ABC’s of Vaccinations

October is Vaccine Injury Awareness Month.  We thought it would be helpful to run through some of the ABC’s of Vaccinations.  Please come back as we will add more information throughout the month.

A is for Aluminum. View Presentation Here

B is for Hep B. The first shot your child we receive hours after being welcomed into the world. Click HERE for presentation.

C is for Chicken Pox. View the list of ingredients HERE

D is for Drug. Vaccines are drugs that come with the risk of side effects, illness and death. How many drugs are you willing to put into your child with out knowing the ingredients, side effects or long term damage? Children get multiple vaccines on well visits to the doctors office. No study has ever been done on giving this magnitude of drugs, viruses, bacteria, toxoids, other DNA, preservatives, adjuvants, stabilizers, antibiotics, additives, inactive chemicals and contaminants to our children at one time.

E is for Encephalomyelitis. “Many infants who suffer the so-called ‘shaken baby syndrome’ may be victims of undiagnosed vaccine damage. Ever since mass vaccination of infants began, reports of serious brain, cardiovascular, metabolic and other injuries started filling pages of medical journals. In fact, pertussis vaccine has been used to induce encephalomyelitis, which is characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhaging.”  More HERE

F is for the FLU shot. Does the flu shot work? Read on HERE

G is for Gardasil. Facts on Gardasil HERE

Hope for Autism. Learn more HERE

I is for Immune System, Ingredients and International Medical Council on Vaccinations.

  • Vaccines and Immune System by Dr. Mercola Read Here
  • Vaccine Ingredients Learn more Here
  • International Medical Council on Vaccinations: Explore Here

J is for Japanese Encephalitis.

K is for Vitamin K Shot at birth.

L is for vaccination rights laws, leukemia and learning disabled.

M is for MMR, Dr. Mendelsohn, and Mercury.

N is for  Nutrition and Dr. Neustaedter.

O is for Otitis Media.

P is for Personal Rights, Polio, Pneumoccol, Pneumonia and Paralysis.

Q is for asking questions.

R is for Rotovirus, RSV, Rhogam.

S is for Simpsonwood, Science,  Dr. Scheibner, Seizures

T is for Tetanus, Thimerisol,  ThinkTwice.

U is for Unlocking Autism.

V is for Vaccine Choice and VAERS.

W is for Whooping Cough and Dr. Wakefield.

X is for eXamine the evidence.

Y is for whY are our kids so sick?

Z is for Zostavax

Educate Before You Vaccinate.

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