Mercury, Vaccines, Environment & Autism

I had the pleasure of attending an event where Dr. Mark and David Geier were the Key Note Speakers.

Some notes of interested:

* 600 cases of Autism in AA County

* 4000 cases in the state (MARYLAND)

* 65% of a doctors income comes from vaccines

* 1 out of 6 children is diagnosed with developmental/behavioral disorder

* The CDC says 1 out of 150 children is diagnosed with autism – the reality is that is it closer to 1 in 50 Drs Geiers spoke about the major environmental factor: Mercury

* Vaccine Schedule – Thimerisol – includes organic “designer mercury” that can penetrate blood barriers etc.

* Rhogam for Rh Neg mothers contains 40 mg of mercury

* Vaccines are not all mercury free and children are exposed to more because of the recommended flu shot each year as one example.

* Some of the newer vaccines have not been safety tested

* Drs Geiers spent over 6 years studying the Vaccine Safety Datalink

* CDC tried to manipulate Thimerisol Data and held an illegal meeting to try and cover it up. (Simpsonwood Report)

* Reviewed EPA Data of mercury/pollutants in the environment by county in the US

* Every major city in the US is heavily polluted and as a result also has high rates of autism.

* By 6 months of age a child has received 4x more mercury from vaccines than what is considered safe. 187.5mg

* Mercury causes autism like smoking causes cancer

* One of the reasons more boys have autism is because mercury alters the testosterone hormone.

* This can be treated. Dr Geiers have had numerous successful treatments with LUPRON


They also had a speaker from Westin A. Price that spoke of the importance of nutrition

In addition mercury is in our air, water, food, personal care products etc…. We need to clean it ALL up!




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