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Each year, autism affects one out of 150 infants born in the United States, with alarming evidence that the disorder is on the rise with each passing generation. A Walk On Water is a film that follows one family from the moment they first find out their child has autism to their discovery how other families have chosen to fight back rather than accepting the status quo of perplexed scientists and the failure at the highest levels of government. The movie examines how parents with autistic kids respond to a disorder that has robbed their children of their senses. These parents fall into two types being those who are unaware of potential causes, cures, and politics surrounding the subject and those who are swept up in the controversy and search for truth finding alternate lifestyles and medical solutions. Among scientists there is concern that mankind is playing Russian roulette with living systems and, ultimately, our own health through continued low-dose exposure to industrial chemicals and unsafe vaccines. No one can definitively state what accounts for this modern day phenomena; however, there is a growing body of evidence that genetics is the loaded gun and the environment is the trigger. In the absence of absolute answers to autism and other disorders, we ask the question of what can be done to ensure not only our own health, but the health of the planet as well. A Walk on Water investigates these thought-provoking issues on a grass-roots level, and seeks to provide answers, in a manner that stimulates a debate at all levels of society, from government policies to concerned parents. Join Us on Facebook


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