Maryland Commission on Autism: HB503

I would urge all of you to contact your Representative in the State House of Delegates and urge them to sign on as a co-sponsor to this very important piece of legisalation. Also, please contact each of the sponsors below and thank them for thier support. Delegate Kipke has worked long and hard on this bill and is to be commended for his care and concern for our children. Now it is time for us to help Delegate Kipke help our children.

Sponsored By: Delegates Kipke, Ali, Barkley, Benson, Cardin, Carr, Costa, Donoghue, Eckardt, Elliott, Elmore, Frush, George, Haddaway, Howard, Hubbard, Kach, Krebs, Kullen, Myers, Olszewski, Pena-Melnyk, Reznik, Riley, Robinson, Schuh, Shewell, Sophocleus, Sossi, Stocksdale, Taylor, F. Turner, Waldstreicher, and Weldon

Entitled: Health – Maryland Commission on Autism

Synopsis: Establishing the Maryland Commission on Autism; requiring the Commission to develop a specified statewide plan; requiring the Commission to advise and make recommendations to the Governor, General Assembly, and specified State agencies; requiring the Commission to report to the General Assembly on or before specified dates; terminating the Act at the end of September 30, 2012; etc.  

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Thank you to Delegate Kipke and all of the sponsors!




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