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Dr. Palevsky’s had a presentation on vaccines and natural immunity and it was impeccable. He presents concise scientific and clinical data in such an easy-to-understand manner; I wish all pediatricians and parents could attend his lecture, so they can truly make informed decisions. He began by explaining the delicate balance of the immune system and how immature a child’s system is from birth until about three years of age, when it really begins to mature. He emphasized the importance of contracting illnesses/microorganisms in a natural setting in order to build/mature a child’s immune system. For example, when a child contracts a virus, such as the flu, it will enter the child’s nasal passages/airways and mouth, where the body’s TH1 cells create temporary inflammation to weaken the virus and antibodies are able to kill the virus; then TH2/TH3 cells reduce/counter and “clean up” the residual inflammation; the child’s immunity strenthens and the “memory” of this illness is stored for the future.

When a child is injected (unnaturally) with a vaccine filled with a killed or live virus and other ingredients such as heavy metals, formaldehyde, neomycin/antibiotics, etc. it bypasses the “built in” immune system and the foreign “intruders” cause the body to go into a state of confusion and continuous inflammation–the TH1/2/3 cells are not activated properly, causing autoimmunity–the body, in essence, attacks itself, resulting in illnesses like asthma, allergies, autism/ADHD, eczema, lupus, etc. Consider that vaccines never provide true immunity, which is why vaccines “wear off” and children need continuous boosters–and why disease epidemics often occur in fully or near-fully vaccinated populations.

There were so many disturbing issues that Dr. Palevsky brought up about vaccines that are seldom addressed: How could we knowingly inject heavy metals (neurotoxins) into a fragile child’s developing body (or an adult’s!) where they attach to their brains and other organs and usually cause damage; Why would we allow Polysorbate 80, a vaccine ingredient, to enter a child’s bloodstream where it knowingly breaks down the blood-brain barrier and causes vaccine ingredients to directly enter the brain; Why would we allow Neomycin (antibiotic in vaccines) to reduce B6, which is a necessary vitamin for proper immune function, and one that magnifies the effects of heavy metals and formaldehyde; Why combine MMR (live viruses with mercury) which is a cancerous combination and causes viruses to become much more dangerous (as seen in studies)???

As a parent, I know how difficult it is to sift through all of the conflicting information on vaccines. It is a dreadful responsibility that every parent, who chooses to research the topic, faces. I wish I could say that ‘what you don’t know, won’t hurt you (or your child)’, but this subject defies that notion. It’s important to put our fears aside and truly look at the facts: vaccine safety and efficacy studies have NEVER been done on combinations of vaccines and their ingredients; safety studies that were performed on individual vaccines have NOT been conducted for more than three weeks; and that NO double-blind studies have been done, which is the scientific standard of medical industry, whereby a vaccine should be administered to a vaccinated child population, and the effects compared against a control group of unvaccinated children.

Vaccines are never compared against a control group — ever. That means a vaccinated group of kids are given the polio vaccine and analyzed for reactions/effects against vaccinated kids given a measles shot. They also only test vaccines on perfectly “healthy” children; anyone with asthma, eczema, allergies are specifically removed from the “safety” studies…so you never know what reaction would occur in these children until pediatricians actually inject the child (this is called a live experiment!). Lastly, pharma companies, who normally do a distribution safety curve for all medical drugs — meaning, if Lipitor is being tested on subjects, pharma is required to inform doctors/the public that certain people must be excluded from taking the drug (i.e. those with asthma, eczema, heart problems, etc.), as they will experience dangerous side effects. This curve does NOT exist for vaccines — there is a one-size-fits all policy and ALL children are required to take them. A great deal of Dr. Palevsky’s patients are vaccine-injured children, so he sees their disorders and focuses on healing them by reducing their “constant” inflammation and detoxing their bodies of aluminum, thimerosal, and other harmful ingredients. There are further details on this subject in NVIC’s new “enlightened” doctor’s corner.


By: NJCVC Parent


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